With all its mystery and seductive smell. Lemon and pink pepper unfold the scent. At the heart of the fragrance, light and creamy rose and

Man, Women and Unisex Perfumes

It provides perfect harmony between mysterious, mysterious, expressive, fruity and floral scents with provocative sweetness. Pink pepper, corn and cranberry give the scent. The rose forms the heart of black violet and the smell of cocoa. Massoia tree closes the scent of patchouli and black vanilla.

Home Fresheners

Energy and happiness are exceeded in your soul and body with the delicious and joyful smell of the strawberry. Bear Eiffel Strawberry ambient scent from other ambient scents


was established in 2009. Starting with the first store in Üsküdar, Eyfel Parfum has succeeded in becoming one of the preferred alternative perfumes in a short time.

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