About Us

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Our History

EYFEL PERFUME was established in 2009. Eyfel Parfum has succeeded in becoming one of the preferred alternative perfumes in a short time.


EYFEL was renowned by his love of science, culture and knowledge as much as his love and attachment to perfume. This legendary history is still living nowadays in EYFEL PERFUME with thousands of products, hundreds of distribution points and retail stores all over the world.

Our Business

Founded in 2009.

Eyfel Perfumes have succeeded in being among the alternative perfumes that are receiving attention and pursuit in a short time.

Eyfel started selling products in 2011, and it managed to move forward with the process quickly, and in a very short time, the brand became the largest number of alternative perfume stores in the country

Exported to many countries, especially Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Morocco, Panama, Mongolia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Romania, Jordan, Serbia, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision

We are heading towards the increase in alternative perfume manufacturing in bold steps, with a large team enthusiastically working for our customers to rest and smile.

Our Mission

We will continue to offer our products that will make them feel happy and make them “easy to reach, hard to surrender”.

We will continue to smell the scent of the world well with our production facility equipped with the latest technology, expert individuals and our products are produced according to the innovative R & D approach.

Through our forward-looking structure and vision, we will continue to be a brand that provides happiness naturally with our products appropriate for every skin and every environment, while giving fresh air to the sector.

Quality is our principle

The concept of quality has been adopted by our employees, suppliers and stakeholders, and we produce products that meet the expectations of our customers and make them happy by maintaining quality at the forefront at every stage of our production.

We are a trustworthy brand

In order to maintain and enhance the identity of “trusted brand”, which is also adopted by our customers and stakeholders, all of our production operations are carried out in the laboratory, which is arranged with the latest technology, and we continue to provide the service without leaving a room with our extensive sales network.

Customer is our priority

We realize the fact that our customers are the reason for their existence, and with this awareness, we define our clients’ expectations and desires accurately and we act according to these expectations and requests according to the principle of “customer is our priority”.

We strive for innovation

With our modern production facility, efficient and well-equipped team, we continue our path as a dynamic, open innovation and transparent company that can adapt to all kinds of innovations by closely following sectoral trends and technological developments.

We maintain our presence as a company that directs the sector with its strong relationships with suppliers and the advantages of being the most preferred brand in this industry, contributes to its development and directing its competitors, and accumulates global goals.

Suitable production to international standards!

To produce perfume and cosmetic products according to international standards, in modern facilities and healthy environments, to successfully compete in the domestic and international markets, to give priority to customer satisfaction and quality with our technical staff and trainers.

Turkey and innovation in the world, everyone prefers the product value and variety to your palette including quality brand cosmetics.

We care about recycling and the environment!

Comply with all laws, regulations, legislation and administrative regulations related to environmental and occupational health and safety,

To operate, implement and ensure continuity in accordance with ISO 14001 environment and OHSAS 18001 occupational safety and health management systems,

To use energy and natural resources to a minimum, comply with environmental and occupational health and safety standards in raw materials and auxiliary materials used and control the negative effects of these materials,

Prevent pollution, reduce and separate waste at source and ensure maximum recycling,

To increase our employees awareness through environmental, health and safety training to ensure their motivation and harmony,

To reduce emergency risks and prepare for emergencies, to prevent hazardous environments that may cause accidents and eliminate current dangerous environments,

Looking at the environmental and occupational health and safety factor in new investments and projects,

To encourage our suppliers to raise awareness of environmental laws and occupational health and safety regulations.

To constantly improve and improve performance in all our activities.

ISO 22716:2007

International Certification OHSAS 18001:2007

IOHSAS 18001:2007

International Certification TS EN ISO 9001:2008

TS EN ISO 9001:2008

International Certification TS EN ISO 14001:2004

TS EN ISO 14001:2004

International Certification