Let me make it clear about Irish words and slang to discover before you go to Ireland Leave a comment

Let me make it clear about Irish words and slang to discover before you go to Ireland

From Irish terms for love and facebook dating Irish terms for drunk to simply basic Irish expressions, discover this Irish slang down and you also can not make a mistake.

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Cool and funny Irish terms – from Irish slang for drunk to typical Irish expressions – that you need to understand before your day at Ireland.

Yourself acquainted with some of the typical Irish phrases, Irish words, and Irish slang that might confuse you before you come to Ireland, you’re going to need to get. Not to ever worry though, we are right here to support 35 phrases it is possible to discover before your see.

Now arrive at learning!

Typical words that are irish

Common Irish terms: we may look at you arseways if you do not know very well what potato chips are.

“The jacks”

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In the event that you get to Ireland and get some body for the restroom, its social suicide. It is either called “the toilet,” or higher commonly “the jacks.”

In bars, the sexes tend to be written in Irish on lavatory doorways. So that you have the “fir jacks” and the “ban jacks.” Not to ever be mistaken for “banjaxed,” which means that one thing is broken. You will discover quickly enough.

Being used: “Tell ye exactly exactly what, you receive in another round, while We check out the jacks.”


The wrong way, or for something to go wrong on you to do something.

Being used: “We attempted to roast the turkey however it went arseways on us.”


This will be fairly typical when you look at the south of Ireland. It is an odd pronunciation of “queer,” but it is utilized as a substitute for “very.”

Being used: “Jaysis, it really is quare today that is warmn’t it?”

“The press”

A press is exactly what a cupboard is called by us in Ireland. Nevertheless, the “hotpress” . Well, that’s a various matter completely!

Being used: ” now hold on till We get the biscuits through the press.”


If you should be really exhausted. Ordinarily utilized following a night that is big.

Being used: “we had been out last night until half six this mornin’. I am wrecked now though.”

“The guards”

Irish terms: The guards

Before you come over to Ireland by learning the police are called the Gardai, and that a policeman is called a Garda, you’re in for a big surprise if you think you know all the lingo. We do not phone them that at all in everyday discussion, we simply call them guards.

Being used: “we possibly may miss music down, and inform John getting from the roof! The neighbors may have the guards on us any full moment.”

“Diesel” and “petrol”

In the event that you hire a car or truck if you are visiting Ireland and you also need certainly to refuel, you may needn’t go searching for “gas,” which will be another thing altogether and totally unrelated to driving or flatulence! You need to learn whether or not the motor car is “diesel” or “petrol” and fill it with that. maybe perhaps Not with green diesel, head you. That final thing you need is to obtain dipped because of the guards.

Being used: “Give me €20 worth of petrol, please.”

“The boot”

It’s this that we call the trunk of in an automobile. If you’re heading on every day out as well as your great aunt informs you to “throw everything into the boot,” you understand just what she means!

In use: “Is anybody in a position to come help me to bring the shopping in through the boot?”


This is exactly what we call sodas. Beware if you are visiting old individuals: they will immediately assume you like a mineral called 7Up and certainly will force feed you along with it.

Being used: “You can not take in since you driving? Well certain you will have a mineral instead!”

“Pint of Gat”

Irish terms: A pint of gat.

A “pint of Gat” is another true name for Guinness. On that note, when consuming Guinness, appearance to the horizon so that you do not take in your head. And when some one asks whether it’s good Gat, and also you’re uncertain how exactly to judge it, just react with “sure appearance it.”

Being used: “Give me personally two pints of Gat and a bottle of Bulmers.”

” Potato Potato Chips”

In Ireland, potato chips are crisps and French fries are potato potato potato chips. Be warned you will definitely fall deeply in love with a delicacy called “curry cheese potato chips” some night when you are ossified.

Being used: “Here love, fancy a bag’a chips?”


Beyont is an all encompassing word for any where that is not the spot you are in at this time. It could make reference to one other end associated with the available room, or even to one other region of the globe.

Expect you’ll hear a complete large amount of nation people question you about material you’ve got in the home, and they’re going to utilize the term beyont when performing it.

In use: “can you have much rain beyont?”

“A jumper”

Sweaters, or pullovers, are known as jumpers in Ireland. It really is a guarantee that is absolute Irish mammies will insist you place a jumper on if you are moving out anywhere.

Being used: “Make yes and bring a jumper to you. It is tough climate around.”

“A shuck”

A shuck is big ditch that runs along the base of industries. If they are not washed frequently, lawn, briars, and nettles can mature and also you mightn’t also understand shuck.

If you’re preparing any noise of Music-esque frolics through the industries, beware you do not fall in.

Being used: “Come fast, the tractor walk out control on Patsy and today he’s below, stuck when you look at the shuck.”

“The communications”

You shall learn about individuals heading out to accomplish the communications, or entering city for the communications. Alas, middle-aged Irish ladies are perhaps perhaps not element of some government that is secret; they truly are just talking about the shopping.

The messages are just exactly what some Irish individuals call the food.

Being used: “Anyone desire anything I’m going into city doing the communications.”

“Call round for the cГ©ilГ­”

A cГ©ilГ­, it also can simply mean calling round to someone’s house for a chat and a cup of tea as we all know, is globally thought of as a session of trad music and dancing, but.

The expression is starting to perish down, but that does not suggest we cannot back bring it!

Being used: “will you be doing any such thing Friday? Yes, we may phone round for the cГ©ilГ­.”

Irish terms for drunk:

Irish terms for drunk: We have actually a great amount of how to explain the one who has received one way too many.

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