The Chinese Keyword / Character Amount. For Chinese text, shall we count the terms, or count the figures? Leave a comment

The Chinese Keyword / Character Amount. For Chinese text, shall we count the terms, or count the figures?

For English, French, Italian and other Latin languages, we count the “words”. However in Chinese, we just count the figures. The so-called “Chinese term matter” isn’t an accurate term for people. We are actually referring to the “character count” when we discuss about the “Chinese word count”,. 🙂

How can we count the characters that are chinese? Using any tools that are special?

You don’t have to get any unique fancy word-count-checker that is chinese in your computer. The most effective device we feel satisfied with and now have self- confidence set for checking up the Chinese character matter of a document is a simple and typical one – the MS keyword system associated with the MicroSoft workplace, Chinese version of program (when you have just an English variation on your computer, you might not have this particular aspect offered). See below screenshot ( for any English Chinese translation task):

That pop-up grey field is actually for the “Word Count Statistics” fuction you’ll easily receive in your MS TERM it doesn’t matter what language variation you’ve got set up in your device (on-screen text are going to be in your language needless to say, while mine may be the Simplified Chinese). The Chinese text range found in that purple package (we place the purple package therefore the remark – you will not note that all on your own display screen needless to say) claims: ” how many the Chinese figures and Korean terms”. This really is a target interpretation file in Simplified Chinese. Now we obviously note that this document includes 2,223 character that is chinese. But how come it mention “Korean words”? Really I’m not sure both. We might need to ask Mr. Bill Gates.

The Approximate Ratio Between English Word Amount and also the Chinese Character Count:

Quite often, we quote predicated on English term matters (especially as soon as the English may be the resource text), because a number of our consumers would like to have much better control of the complete prices for their particular interpretation jobs. Let’s say the initial document is in Chinese figures? You don t understand how many words you will see following the document is translated into Chinese, and you also don t possess control throughout the final price? Really, these is really a ratio that is basic the English term matter and Chinese character matter we could leverage. To the knowledge, each 1000 Chinese characters will often be converted into about 600-700 English terms, or each 1000 English words is supposed to be translated into about 1500-1700 Chinese figures (with regards to the nature regarding the text). In this respect We have more shots that are screen the phrase / personality matters {to share with with you since below:

The character that is chinese of this origin document :

We now have 5,062 Chinese figures to convert.

The English term matter after interpretation:

It absolutely was converted into 3,163 English terms.

In this example, 5,062 Chinese figures had been converted into 3,163 English terms, it is simple to determine a ratio out of just one : 0.62!

Or we could say, every 1,000 Chinese character will be “transformed” into about 620 English words. But be sure to be conscious that this is simply not an precise technology that may be used in most example – you some basic ideas for the volume of your English outputs as I suggested, it’s only an “approximate” ratio that would give! It surely does be determined by the topic products as essay writer com well as the count that is final nevertheless differ substantially!

Not confident to help make your personal estimation for a document that is chinese? Maybe maybe not too certain concerning the Chinese term matter (personality matter) of one’s products? Forward the file to us and let’s do the working task for your needs. We’re top notched Chinese translators who’ve been energetic in this demanding business for more than 2 years, and you may be certain your products are going to be cared for in genuine expert arms.

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