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YOURgage Review | A custom Mortgage from Quicken Loans

Examine Quicken Loans’ YOURgage, a Customized Mortgage System

Quicken Loans has a mortgage that is new, the YOURgage. YOURgage is made to give you greater freedom and option than there is within the standard home loans available.

In reviewing the loan that is innovative, Quicken Loans’ objective is for YOURgage to complement you with financing that fits your own personal needs and circumstances. just exactly What differentiates YOURgage is the fact that it’s a customized mortgage by having a flexible term. With YOURgage, it is possible to personalize the mortgage term to suit your requirements, so that you have that loan this is certainly tailored to achieve your particular economic objectives.

Generally, whenever you go shopping for home financing you have got a menu that loans in Arizona is limited select from. 30-year fixed loans and 15-year fixed loans are, undoubtedly, the absolute most options that are common. Many loan providers are making an effort to fit you into one of these bins. Quicken Loans’ YOURgage, alternatively, lets you set the word of your loan to virtually any size between 8 years and three decades. Rather than wanting to fit you in to an one-size-fits-most field, YOURgage lets you adjust your loan to your own requirements and goals.

With YOURgage, you can easily:

  • Modify Your Loan Term- YOURgage provides you with the flexibility to refinance without resetting the expression of your loan. As an example, for those who have a 22 years kept in your 30-year loan, you can easily select a unique 22-year loan to simply take refinance you present home loan. It is possible to make use of the rates that are low restarting the clock on another 30 12 months home loan.
  • Personalize Your Loan Payment- With YOURgage, you’ve got the power to regulate how much you need to spend each month and then choose the loan term that fits your desired payment per month.
  • Personalize Your Loan to your lifetime’s requirements- you might want to spend down your loan, before your revenue falls or before taking in another major cost. YOURgage makes it possible to, should you want to get loan paid down because of the time you retire or if you want to start out investing in university for the kiddies.

Quicken isn’t the only loan provider that provides this type of personalized home mortgage, however it is probably the most high-profile.

Fixed-rate Loans just

YOURgage loans are on a loans that are fixed-rate. There are not any adjustable loans obtainable in the YOURgage system, although Quicken Loans has other loans that are adjustable. The possible lack of adjustable price mortgages (ARMs) when you look at the YOURgage issue is maybe perhaps maybe not presently a huge issue, as ARMs make up just about 4% of home loans that customers sign up for.

Purchase and Refinance Loans

YOURgage loans may be applied for to buy loans, along with refinance loans. Purchase loans require as low as a 5% advance payment, so long as you are funding the purcahse of the main house. Quicken Loans’ YOURgage refinance loans might have a loan-to-value because high as 95%. Both YOURgage purchase and refinance loans are restricted to loans between $25,000 and $417,000.


The effect that is biggest of YOURgage is psychological. By showing you it is attempting to personalize that loan to match the your requirements, Quicken Loans is splitting itself form the rest of the loan providers which can be contending for your needs, but that have just identical loan items to supply.

As a debtor, you’ll want to concentrate not merely in the period of the mortgage term, the size of the payment per month, while the total expense to cover down your loan, but in addition in the costs related to your loan while the interest you may be provided. It is really not well worth spending more for the 22 12 months loan, when you can look for a 25 12 months loan with cheaper expenses and a diminished rate of interest. Understand that many any fixed-rate loan lets you speed up the main re payment in your loan, to help you remove a 30-year loan and work out a repayment which will spend the loan off in 22 years.

It’s possible it easier to make accelerated payments when it is the required payment you see listed on your monthly YOURgage statement, but committing to the higher payment that comes with a shorter-term loan is not without risk that you will find. advises you to definitely be careful about investing in a reduced term loan, specially if it will take two incomes so that you can easily create your mortgage repayment. Few individuals have actually a rainy-day fund accumulated with sufficient cash to pay for their mortgage repayments (along with other bills) when there is a job-loss or a unforeseen disruption in earnings. In the event that you have actually a lengthier term loan and, consequently, an inferior payment, it is possible to over pay from the principal when you can finally manage to do this, but they are maybe not prone to defaulting in your loan in the event that you make just the required month-to-month repayment. Having said that, invest the a faster term loan, to be able to spend the loan off sooner and minimize your long-lasting expenses, you need to result in the greater re re payment each and every month, or place your house at an increased risk.


Quicken Loans’ YOURgage gives you a method to adjust the size of your home mortgage therefore the measurements of your re payment to suit your certain requirements. While customizing that loan may gain you, ensure that you check around to see just what other home mortgages can be found and compare the expense of most your choices available. Go through the rates of interest, the costs from the loan, how long that your particular loan provider is locking in your rate, while the loan provider’s basic track record of reliability and honesty.

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